Best Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears are an essential part of every kitchen. The best kitchen shears are those that help to snip herbs and cut open a food package easily and reliably. You could argue that a knife is capable of cutting open a chicken but knives fail miserably when you try to use them to remove the backbone. Shears are also great for lots of assorted tasks, like cutting homemade pizza and opening packages.

Kitchen shears are really the right option more often then you’d think. Read on to learn more about the best kitchen shears on the market.

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Best Glass Storage Containers

Orderly storage is critical for any small space. And we here at Big City, Little Kitchen prefer storing and reheating in glass containers, instead of plastic. That makes the Glasslock 18-Piece container set a surefire hit for sure thanks to a reasonable price, over-safety, microwave-safety (remove the lid first!) and high-quality lids. Also the rectangle design is much more space efficient than circular containers, so you can maximize the volume of your fridge and cabinets.